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KeenSerps is an online SEO self-service solution built and managed by Keen. As a marketing agency working for over 15 years with several local and international brands, Keen has offered various highly effective SEO services & strategies to clients for boosting keyword rankings, the most popular being inbound link building.

By time the concept of KeenSerps was born and developed in order to provide clients an easy and smart digital solution to purchase premium backlinks online for their SEO campaigns.

The publishers and sites where the links are placed are hand-picked and vetted for their quality score and strength in terms of SEO and a growing list of placements is carefully curated on a regular basis so as to maintain the highest quality backlinks possible.

All placement sites have a minimum of 2000 organic visitors monthly and well written content that is relevant to your business or product is also included in the service.

KeenSerps also offers helpful in-built tools such as the smart black list tool where you can upload your list of referring domains to exclude them from our marketplace, so you don't buy backlinks you already have. The service also provides a report and tracking feature where you can monitor the progress of all your link building campaign.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow!

Why Us?

For over 5 years we have been building relationships with website owners and negotiating the best possible prices for our clients.

Placements on real websites

With a minimum of 2K traffic a month (Ahrefs).

High quality relevant content

With a minimum of 800 words relevant to your website's page.

Competitive prices

You will benefit from our team’s relationship building skills with website owners.

Easy to use dashboard

Filters to customize your order. Choose DR, Traffic, Niche, RD’s, Price.

Our Money-Back Guarantee:
Placements on Sites with 2k+ Visitors/Month or Full Refund