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A sports betting website that offers various types of sports betting options to its users.


To increase the website's organic search rankings for relevant keywords and drive more traffic to the site.


Our team at KeenSERPS developed a comprehensive link building strategy to help the client achieve its goals. We started by conducting thorough research to identify relevant keywords and target websites that could provide valuable backlinks.

We then created a list of high-quality websites that were relevant to the client's niche and reached out to them with personalized pitches. The link building campaign started in August 2021 and is still ongoing. Our team leveraged a variety of tactics, including guest blogging, link exchanges, and resource page link building, to secure high-quality backlinks to the client's website.


Our link building campaign generated impressive results for the client. Over the course of several months, we were able to secure backlinks from a range of authoritative websites, including sports news websites, betting forums, and other sports-related blogs.

As a result of our efforts, the client's organic search rankings improved significantly, and the website saw a steady increase in traffic. The client was thrilled with the results of the campaign and reported a significant boost in their business.


Our link building campaign for the sports betting website was a great success, generating high-quality backlinks and improving the website's organic search rankings. Our team's expertise and dedication to delivering results helped us to meet and exceed the client's expectations.